Long gone are the days of warm beer and dodgy food at festivals.

Long gone are the days of warm beer and dodgy food at festivals and these days food and drink are at the top of the billing for festival goers and performers. Our own format of Food and Drink Festivals and the Eat Drink brand go from strength to strength year on year.

The team here at TEU were one of the original movers in the festival food renaissance back in the early 2000s and have been working with producers & traders, designing markets and producing bespoke festival bars ever since.  We sniff out great food and spot a food revolution before it happens, keeping your customer experience fresh year on year. 

With their team of chefs and over 20 years in the hospitality industry TEU can create a bespoke dining experience for your guests, keep your crews fed, watered and energised or curate the perfect street food or shopping experience for your customers. 

Promoting Traders and Producers is integral to TEU’s ability to deliver on the customer and clients expectations. Recognising the requirement for festivals to support their local area, TEU works closely with food and drink producers in the region specific to the festival. Traders can trust The Event Umbrella to treat them as a client and to be open and honest at all times. Over the last decade we have developed a network over 200 traders, all of whom excel in their chosen field. If you wish to become a trader with us please register here at the traders portal.

Alongside our food offering TEU can provide a bespoke bar service for your event from intimate craft bars, boutique cocktail bars to mass dispense bars with the ability to serve large scale events. Our team of servers offer the perfect informed yet informal service, an approach that maximises sales and ensures customer satisfaction. We have over a decades experience delivering festival bars and can customise a package that works for you event and budget.

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