Black Eyed Peas UK Tour 2018

TEU’s Artist Team Lead provided Promoter Rep services to the 2018 Black Eyed Peas UK Tour.

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From inception to delivery, the Promoter Rep is responsible for ensuring all deliverables required by the promoter are met, ensuring clear lines of communication are adhered to and acting as liaison between all stakeholders in the tour (the promoter, the artist, and venues).

Production values on shows such as these can be challenging for venues and a key role for the Promoter Rep was to ensure that host venues were prepared for the level of production such as staging and PA & Lx, that would be arriving at their sites. Other responsibilities included:

  • Managing all logistics for every element of the tour including arrival of infrastructure to the venues.
  • Ensuring adequate crew are booked available when needed.
  • Ensuring the principals personnel were able to meet their responsibilities and had access to everything required of them.
  • Booking and co-ordinating tour catering
  • Managing and collating guestlists and all ticket lists pre-show
  • Budget Management and reporting
  • Submitting final settlement to the artist, promoter and venues

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